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Pupil Commitment

To get the best out of your lessons you should understand the commitment you are making when learning to drive. You may have some ideas about what is required from friends who have already learnt to drive but try to remember the following points:

  • Turning up for lessons - Make sure you are at your agreed meeting point with time to spare. You are less likely to feel anxious or stressed and this will help your progress during the lesson.
  • Cancelling a lesson - If you have to cancel a lesson you should normally provide at least 48 hours notice. In the event that you cancel at short notice for any reason we may be forced to charge you for the lesson. If you are unwell you should contact us as soon as practicably possible.
  • Making payments - You can pay for your lessons either at the beginning of each lesson or by prepaying for a block of lessons at any point. Paying for a block of lessons is always cheaper and saves you time during the lesson.
  • Training & the theory test - Nowadays pupils must pass a theory test before sitting their practical test. We recommend that you have driving lessons while preparing for your theory test. This will help you put your knowledge into practice and you will learn faster as a result. You should also consider buying a CD-Rom or a book covering the theory syllabus.
  • Regular lessons - having your lesson at a regular time and place makes it easier to remember and will help you make better progress throughout. We recommend having at least a 1½ hour lesson per week although we understand that this may not always be possible for everyone.
  • Time of day - Having lessons during rush hours or during dark evenings may hinder your progress at the early stages of learning to drive. Try to find a time to practice when the roads are quiet and practice in good daylight.

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