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Beyond the Driving Test

After your driving test you should consider taking one or more of the following courses to improve your driving ability. 1 in 5 new drivers will have an accident within the first year of driving but by continuing your learning you will significantly reduce the chances of being involved in an accident and may also receive a lower insurance premium.

The Pass Plus Scheme
The Pass Plus scheme is a training scheme for new drivers. Its aim is to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver. It can also lead to insurance discounts.

We highly recommend that you consider doing this course after your driving test as you will develop your skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

The course includes motorway driving, rural roads, dual carriageways, driving at night, town driving, and all-weather driving. The course can be completed in a minimum of 6 hours provided that you demonstrate the necessary skills. There is no need for you to sit an exam, however your instructor will continue to assess you throughout the course.

The course is primarily aimed at new drivers who have passed their test in the last 12 months, however may also be considered by nervous drivers who wish to improve their driving ability.

To book a course of Pass Plus lessons you can email us using our booking enquiry form.

The New Drivers Act
Newly qualified drivers are now subject to the New Drivers Act of 1995. It requires that within the first two years of holding a licence you do not get six or more points for committing any driving offences. You can get 3 points for speeding or running a red light. Just two of these and you would be required to surrender your licence and resit both your theory and practical tests again. You will also have to pay any penalty and reapply for your provisional licence.

The cost of losing your licence can be considerable if you take into account the loss of use of your car, the penalty fees, application fee for your licence and tests as well as any extra lessons that you might need.

We recommend if you have just passed you should consider being accompanied by an experienced driver some of the time. Ask a passenger to tell you how comfortable you make them feel and perhaps consider taking a lesson in any areas where you still feel you need to develop your skills or gain confidence.

Other Motoring Organisations
There are a number of other professional organisations that can you help you to improve your driving skills. You can find more information by clicking on the links below:

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