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Driving test to be revamped

The UK driving test is to be revamped in an effort to make it more relevant to real world driving situations.

ADI theory test question bank Update

From 6 April 2010, the DSA is encouraging L-test candidates to have their ADI (or another observer preferably the person who has taught them) to sit in on their practical test and listen to the feedback. ADIs will also be able to act as interpreter on the test.

As a result , the DSA has had to make some amendments to the ADI theory test question bank to accommodate these changes. This will result in three questions being removed from the bank from 6 April 2010. The DSA plans to refresh the entire question bank in September 2010.

Automatic or Manual: The Choice is Yours

Ltest has now introduced an Automatic & Dual Controlled vehicle to its fleet, and from the 25th March 2010 driving lessons will be available in both Manual & Automatic cars across parts of Manchester.

Take someone with you on your driving test

From Tuesday 6 April driving examiners will ask candidates if they would like their instructor (or another observer - preferably the person who has taught them to drive) to sit in on their car test...

Change to Manchester Practical Test Centre location

From the 29th March 2010, Whalley Range Test Centre will be relocated to West Didsbury. The new test centre is at Christie Fields Office Park, just off Barlow Moor Road.

Ltest School of Motoring becomes a Limited Company

Ltest School of Motoring started business in 2005 and has since gained a number of new franchisees. In December 2009, it was decided that the company would start to trade as Limited Business.

'Learner-Land' idea gets into gear

Sale driving instructor James Eisen is asking local councils and businesses to make practice land available where learner drivers could take their first lessons - away from busy roads.