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The Best Driving Courses in Salford

LTest is an independent driving school which has been successfully helping learners pass their practical driving test since 2005. Driving test standards in the UK are comparatively higher than most other countries and as such passing first time is plausibly tougher. The DVLA, therefore, recommend that you have at least 45hours driving experience with a trained driving instructor so as to know how to pass your driving test as soon as possible.

Driving Test Questions Answered

Our friendly driving instructors here in Salford can assist you in preparing for the time when you take you practical driving test. Many pupils are nervous about the driving test questions, but our intensive driving courses in Salford cover all the questions leaving no cause to worry. There are also various DVLA approved books and DVDs which are designed to equip you to face the driving test questions with confidence.

The practical driving test is a test of skill and ability in real-life situations; learners who take the test face a variety of roads and traffic conditions. The test takes approximately 40 minutes and includes two reverse manoeuvres and perhaps an emergency stop. LTest’s driving instructors in Salford have a thorough knowledge of driving test procedures. With their tuition and our intensive driving courses in Salford you should find no problem anticipating these manoeuvres on the day of the driving test, helping you know just how to pass your driving test.

How to Pass Your Driving Test

The first step to taking your practical driving test is to apply for your provisional driving licence. The second step is to then successfully complete your theory driving test. Most reliable book stores stock learning and study aids created to help you know the answers to your driving test questions. As with most intensive driving courses in Salford we recommend that you start your driving lessons before you take the theory test. This enables you to apply what you learn thereby maximising your chance of passing your practical driving test.

Professional, Friendly Driving Instructors in Salford

Many learners are understandably nervous the when they first start learning to drive. Therefore, our driving instructors in Salford do their best to put students at ease, we know that feeling comfortable and feeling confident behind the wheel are closely linked. As Nick Pendlebury, one of our instructors says “pupils progress best when they enjoy themselves”. With LTest School of Motoring you can be assured that our driving courses in Salford offer effective, patient instruction determined to help prepare you to face the driving test questions with confidence.

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